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Real Man Willie Code

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

My name is Willie Code and I consider Jewett, Texas home. I was raised in Houston, Texas, went off to college, graduated, was drafted into the military, and never called Houston home again.

I've been married to a local girl, Lillie McShan, for 43 years and counting. We raised two wonderful sons. Our oldest, Michael, is an educator. He is past Dean of Enrollment at North Harris County Jr. College and Dean at Universal Technical Institute at this time. We lost the youngest, Kevin, during his third year of college. He was the co-founder of K & L Transport Ambulance Service.

I’ve been told that I will talk to a tree, but eventually, it will take up roots and run off. I was speechless though, for a change, when Tanya contacted me. What an honor!!! I want to thank those that considered me worthy of this opportunity.

Being raised by my grandparents it was instilled into me at an early age to always be respectful to everyone. No excuses… That is how they were raised and they made sure this attitude was instilled into all their grandchildren.

Being on the ambulance has shown me that all people do not live by that motto. Not only do we see violence to men, women and children but also to the elderly population. Violence is not always physical but mental as well. Violence is not only with fists, but words or lack of them can be just as harmful. Words spoken can hurt and never be taken back. Wounds normally heal, but the heart is a much slower process of recovery. Some elderly people are never visited by friends and family. They are forgotten to live out the twilight years of their life in seclusion and sadness. It is easy to bring happiness in their lives by an act of kindness or just spending time talking to them.

As you can see my grandparents had a huge impact on my life. Violence is not a show of strength, but an act of stupidity and insecurity of one’s self. Please think before you act, because your actions could very well be passed down thru other generations. Let’s raise a generation of kind, considerate people tolerant of others, not a generation who believe violence against anyone is acceptable.

If Domestic Awareness can save or help one individual, then our goal was accomplished. Adults, let's step up to the plate and stop this spiral of domestic violence against others.

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