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Counseling Services are offered for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. A wide range of free and confidential counseling services are available including individual and group counseling. Counseling services DO NOT include couples counseling, batters/abuser intervention groups or psychological assessments.

If you need immediate help, please call the               Crisis Hotline at 866-333-5592

 Counseling services strive to help survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence heal and increase their sense of self-worth and self reliance. We strive to provide opportunities for survivors to:

  • Learn that the violence is not their fault and is never okay.

  • Feel safe talking about the violence.

  • Decrease their sense of isolation.

  • Decrease their anxiety and fear.

  • Increase their sense of security and self-worth.

  • Build a lasting foundation of self-efficacy and empowerment.

Our approach to counseling is client-centered, solution focused, and flexible. Counseling interns and/or staff come from a variety of mental health and professional backgrounds. 

For more information about our counseling services, call 903-388-5600.


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