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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

My wife Teresa and I moved to Leon County in 2003 after nearly 25 years of pastoral ministry in the Houston/Gulf Coast region. Early on in our ministry we were confronted with the harsh reality of domestic violence and much of our work was focused on building strong families and helping men understand the critical role of being protector, provider, leader and caregiver for their families.

In 2003 we were drawn to the beauty of Leon County to develop The Abiding Place, a Christian retreat and counseling center dedicated to providing a place of help, hope and healing for individuals and families.

After 40 years of marriage to the most amazing woman on the planet, and having been blessed with five wonderful children and seven beautiful grandchildren, Teresa and I understand the vital, critical need for strong, vibrant families and the all-out

cultural, spiritual war that has led to the deterioration and demise of so many hearts and homes.

I am a strong advocate of providing resources and refuge to the victims of domestic violence and gladly add my voice as one of the "Real Men Against Domestic Violence".

For far too long, domestic violence has been ignored, excused or swept under the rug...but a new day is dawning. Silence and passivity are no longer acceptable options. The cycles and patterns that have created a living hell for so many for so long are being broken. Fear and shame are being replaced with hope and authentic change.

We must continue to create doors of opportunity and paths of change so that the generational damage of domestic violence can be reversed and the promise of a bright future restored.

It is an honor to be a part of the Leon County Posse, an effort to not only educate and raise awareness of the devastating consequence of domestic violence but to also provide safe haven and life-saving resources to those caught in its tragic grip.

I have seen first-hand the unique and valuable service the Leon County Domestic Violence Advocacy Program provides to the victims and families of domestic violence in Leon County. Tanya Foster and her advocates are helping to create that bright future. I applaud her consistent and compassionate help to so many and echo the sentiments of many in saying Thank You.

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