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  • Tanya Foster

The Power of Luggage on a Victim's Journey

Domestic violence in a home rarely reaches its peak during the daytime. When I help remove a family to safety, it's usually a desperate scramble in the middle of the night, throwing everything we can into garbage bags to get out as quickly as we can.

Let me just say, it's demoralizing to see your life in a garbage bag.

Thanks to our wonderful donors, we are able to provide the luggage our victims and survivors need at different points in their journey, because you can't travel with trash bags, Luggage is necessary and practical.

But it's far more than that.

When a battered woman transfers her items to a suitcase, it transforms her. Her whole demeanor changes. Little by little, she is taking back her life. She is taking control.

Domestic violence is embarrassing, but traveling with luggage, your children pulling their little suitcases behind them, restores dignity.

Because of a suitcase, she is human again.

**Thank you for the luggage and other items you've donated. We are currently well-stocked with luggage, but please contact our office at 903.626.0078 or 903.388.5600 for information about other types of donations.**

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